Recipe to an amazing Sunday in Sydney.

I woke up Sunday morning (well technically to wake up I suppose that one must first fall asleep, which when a flatmate brings home some very noisy house guests who insist on talking at the top of their voices about crap that would make even the Bondi Hipsters think “are these kids for real??”, didn’t really happen) I pulled back the curtains to see what the world had installed for me, what I discovered looked cold, wet and windy.

Immediately I felt deflated and thought maybe I should just crawl back under the covers and hide in bed for the rest of the day Continue reading

A little of everything!

I’m back!!!! Miss me?? Of course you did. I could write a number of paragraphs with reasons for my absence, pretending you noticed, but I will save us both the time! I am not going to say I will start posting more regularly, as I really don’t know when I will post next. So I am just going to hit you all with a few things that I think are worth screaming about from the top of the soap box I have once again found myself standing upon.

I was looking through my posts looking for an update I thought I had done months ago… it looks like I never did it! I’m not sure how I could have forgotten to share such an amazing talent, the little soul songstress Selah Sue

Peter Noble and the gang at the Byron Bay Bluesfest may earn some respect from me that they lost by having Cold Chisel play, if they snagged Selah Sue for the 2013 Blues and Roots fest.

Selah Sue is a soul/funk/reggae singer from Belgium. I have been following her for a while now and really did mean to share her with you all a while ago. She really is special.

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Yeah I’m a mad photographer and shit…

Hi everybody!!! I thought I would share a few pictures taken from my iPhone lately of a few impressive things I have seen. Let me know what you think of my sweet iPhone photography skills! The pictures are from Sydney, Kununurra, the sky over the outback and the Outback itself.

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Rag and Bone let models run loose!

An age-old criticism of models is that they only look good because of the professional stylists, hairdresser, makeup artist and professional photography. Rag & Bone have sought to challenge that conception by throwing some clothes to a number of different models and having them do a DIY photo shoot.

The result has been some very fun photo shoots (and a couple that just make the model look unwell) that show a little of each models personality. Although I do question the effectiveness of the campaign, I’m not sure if any of the pictures below will make you want to buy Rag & Bone, but maybe it is not about that, maybe this campaign is to simply increase brand awareness and to align the brand with different models… although from the pictures below I’m not sure you would want to align with a couple of these girls based on these pictures, they look a little unhealthy to me. Continue reading

Time for a little Dub!

If like me you have had one of those weeks (even though we are only a couple of days in) where you need some awesome music to clear your head then I have found the perfect tonic for you. Not only have a found a wicked track… but it is also available for free download… the music gods are smiling on us friends! Continue reading

Parklife 2011 minus Katy B

Parklife 2011 is currently doing its lap of Australia with Melbourne and Perth kicking things off last weekend and Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide getting their turns to rip a hole in a sweaty dance floor.   As uncreative as it is I thought I would share a few of the acts I hope to be two-stepping to this weekend. Continue reading

Doorways, Brasil.






Garopaba, Santa Catarina, South Brasil 2011.